Bell Boy MISSING!!!!!!!

After 2 server maintenance had passed, I suddenly could not find or determine the where abouts of Bell Boy (BB)......He's gone missing I think, or VERGO discovered that he is using the hammer to wack pioneers to death. And if things turns bad, or BB gets killed. This pioneers would use this hammer to break VERGO's tomb and thus interrupting he's beauty sleep. By this VERGO, put a leash on BB so that he would not run around with the hammer to wack those low level pioneers to death.... lolz.....

Anyway, someone told me that others are using a 3rd party software to determine the next spawn time and location of BB. So, for us who are relying on hunt would not see him running around porto wielding he's much needed hammer. :((

Next STOP, BAHAMA quest for Serpent and Chess weapons series

Haizzzz.....Quest are getting more difficult. Not only it requires MP sometimes but it is eating up most off the questors time. But, besides from boosting up your FR, you'll be having access to the much coveted monstrous weapons on the world of GE (and also expensive ones). Anyway, after I have completed the baron quest. It's time for me to move on and to be serious on another quest. Which will also allow our faction to have access on lvl 100 weapons!! which means 30 base AR weapons.

Actually, I have already started it weeks ago. And currently stuck on the FrogFish (FF) hunt. Anyone could help on camping at Peril and Darkness to determin the spawn time of this fish?? he he he he he........

elite 92 WEAPONS now very accessible

Guys, as most of us knows. There are already a number of members that has finished the BARON QUEST and has access to elite 92 weapons. To those who had already finished the quest, please help other members to craft their own weapons. But of course, those who are seeking help must/should provide all the necessary things to craft your needed items.

Example of items needed or a must (for single wepon only):

Juaqin Spirit Stone or any other required Spirit Stones x 1
Refined Aidanium x 100
Refined Ionium x 100
(other Refined minerals) x 100
otite perfume x 1, duration for 24 hours (to access Los Toldos)
lvl 92 chips x 3
1M (for recipe cost)
30 - 40 MP's (for hunting 30 PO's) why??? because 100 refined otites = 1 pure otite, so the hunter/farmer will be entering Tierra de los Muertos 30x or more. 1MP is required to enter Tiera de los Muertos

The Secret Tower Raid

As leveling to expert gives some time to level up, 6 families tried the secret raid tower....and boy those mobs really hit hard.....but, as a consoloation they drop 84 elite recipes..(^;^)V...we havent finish the raid though coz it took sometime to drop the keys....atleast now we know it...lolz.....but we manage to get the 3 codes......the only thing left are the keys...ha ha ha ha ha ha.....want to AFK here anyone??

Here are some of the pics on our adventures.. he hehe he he he

Want to Watch Free Movies Over the Internet?

Hello! Leveling to Expert is like cleaning the whole house with a toothbrush @_@ Anyway... here's a link to pass up that long power leveling sessions and relax and watch free movies over the internet while you AFK...

enjoy! ^____^

Check this out guys --> Wolf and Ogre Weapons Series

I wonder when will the new weapon series will be out?? many secrets on V2.9...... check this link to see.....


Gott meet Nicole..... lolz.....